Who doesn’t love a good game of chance?  Better yet, who doesn’t love the opportunity to show off their wheel spinning skills? St. Paul’s Academy tried a new idea that added a fun twist to the Mystery Wine Pull. They procured the typical number of wine bottles needed for a Wine Pull in a variety of price points and wrapped them with a color code system. There were just a handful of high-end bottles wrapped in black shiny paper, many more wrapped in gold (the medium price point), and then still even more wrapped in silver (the lowest price point).

They had a basic wheel built. Picture the “Wheel of Fortune” wheel set up vertically. The wheel had lots of gold and silver spaces and only two black spaces. For a set buy-in price, the guests could spin the wheel and pull a bottle based on the color that the wheel landed on. To enhance this game the wheel was staffed by two fantastically energetic teachers who rooted on the spinners and celebrated their win. It brought a buzz to the room hearing the cheering and click, click, click of the wheel.

Kudos to St. Paul’s Academy for freshening their social hour!